Read on and get enlightened. If they don’t have a “zero” setting, then there is usually some other position you set to. 5.56mm ammo and .22LR ammo do not have any type of coincidental trajectories. When shooting, your choices are to focus on the rear sight, or the front sight, or the target. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. For practical purposes it is a ridiculous discussion. What’s the Difference Between Muzzle Brakes and Compensators? Zeroing, or aligning sights to a single point on a target, is a simple process. For more information, check out privacy page. The rifle launches them in a ballistic arc. But, it's not calibrated to represent any of the many X39 rounds we shoot. Sorry that I took so long to reply. But keep in mind that your zero is a combination of rifle, shooter, distance, and ammunition. Even if it’s on the edge of the paper, it’s still on the paper. One last thing before we get on to actually setting up our iron sight zero. At 100 yards the bullet will impact ≅ 1″ above point-of-aim. Before you read any further let me warn you that the Santos Improved Battle Sight Zero will initially appear to very similar to the United States Marine Corps method. Came back to use these instructions again after finding it and using it for me LE6920 (it WORKS). This also means that if you zero any of the other barrel lengths / ammunition combinations at 25 meters, then you will not achieve the 300 meter far zero. At 25 meters, each square is 1 MOA wide and tall. 1/2 MOA) are independent of the distance involved. It’s the perfect way to teach rifle marksmanship to a new or young shooter. Hi Gary, thanks for reading and I’m glad you found it helpful! !please help. Which is 3/8” adjustments? Ammunition:  Inconsistencies in the production of ammunition lots can change a rifle’s zero. I’m glad that you found it helpful. With the 200 yard zero the Marine can expect: The Marine Corps method works perfectly with M855, 62 grain ammunition fired from an A2 configuration (20″ barrel, fixed carry handle), or A4 configuration (20″ barrel, removable carry handle). The “Z” setting lets you still use a 25 meter range and targets and properly zero your 20″ barrel and removable carry handle combo. Yet so many people don’t go that far. I’ve got a whole article on point blank zeroes, so definitely give that a read, but I’ll give you the short version here. Note that doing that eliminates the usefulness of a BDC sight. The Marine Corps method involves zeroing the rifle for a 300 yard zero (not meters), and then adjusting the elevation knob two clicks below the “8/3” or four clicks below the “6/3” setting for a very flat shooting 200 yard (not meter) zero. When the different trajectories are compared against each other, there is only a few 100 of an inch difference between the three of them at 50 yards. To lower your next shot group, raise your front sight power by rotating the front sight post counterclockwise. I’m confused on what initial zero to use. It’s valid with any ammunition that approaches the specs for M193 (55gr) or M855 (62g) Ball ammunition. 2. That means that the rear sight is not adjustable. When the sight is dialed down an additional click (“8/3-3”), the sight is now calibrated for ≅100 yards. Personally I think that using the flatter trajectory from the larger “0-200” setting for any shooting under 229 meters (250 yards) would be more advantageous, however the US Army wants the soldier to reserve the “0-200” setting for low-light conditions. Just zero it perfectly at 25 meters with the lower 6/3 setting. Keep reading for some step by step instructions. But sights don’t actually work that way. Each of these numbers is listed for a rifle length radius. If you want to know more, keep reading. 90% of the time, when I got to the range and see other folks sighting in their rifles, they are sitting on a bench with the rifle in a rest. I’m not really sure what you are asking. There are four clicks per turn on an A2 post, so one click is 1/144″ of movement, which equals 0.00694″. I have had several retired Marines tell me that they use to sight their fixed carry hand M-16 A2 rifles at 300 yards, but the dialed the sights down two clicks and used the 200 yard setting for most of their shooting. I’m including this step because it’s not technically part of the mechanical zeroing process, but it’s important nonetheless. I have some questions on the 20 inch rifle running the RIBZ zero. AR-15 A2 Sights And The “Battle Zero” Philosophy, Mechanical Process To Adjust And Zero The A2 Sights, United States Marine Corps Method — 200 Yard BZ, Santos Improved BZ Method — 50 Yard/200 Meter BZ, Revised Improved BZ Method — 50 Yard/200 Meter BZ, But Better, Using A2 Sights With A CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit, Factors That May Cause A Rifle To Need To Be Re-zeroed, Electronics (Stereo, TV, Computers, etc. . To move your next shot group to the right, move your rear sight to the right by turning the windage knob clockwise. Like scopes, iron sights require their own specific distances and adjustments to properly zero. WIN! The compass has 360 hash marks around the bezel, each one corresponding to a single degree of angle. The AR-15 rifle has two adjustable sights- front and rear. USMC method – 16″ barrel – M855 ammunition) and zero accordingly. At 25 meters each click (1/4 turn) of the front sight post moves point-of-impact ≅ .9 cm / .35″. When the sights are dialed down 4 clicks (“6/3-4”) the sights are calibrated for a ≅50 yard/200 meter zero. If you’ve never adjusted the front sight before, there are plenty of tools out there that make the job easier. * Notice that the number of clicks for the removable carry handle is double that of the fixed carry handle. Lower the rear sight all the way down by rotating the rear elevation drum counterclockwise. The US Army uses the 25 meter (27.3 yards) / 300 meter (328 yards) zero. To ensure you have the best experience possible, this website uses cookies. The process is thoroughly explained, except that the target distance that you should zero your rifle or carbine has been omitted. Sorry too many years of shooting the A2 8/3 with Army’s 25/300 meter BZO. If you want to dial dope and ring steel, the A2 sights work well. You are very welcome. Whether or not I prefer this method, the fact remains that the US Army has put a lot of bad guys into the dirt using this method. The 200 meter zero actually has different near zeros with 14.5″ and 16″ barrels. Attaching the front sight to the rail with proper torque and some blue locktite will be very strong. After all of this research and experimenting I hate that I sold it. I can work with that. Imagine you and a friend starting at the same point. They are about .5 MOA on a rifle length sight radius, but closer to .75 MOA with a shorter carbine sight radius. I think you’re referring to how it looks down range on paper. If you do the math, that works out to 30 seconds of angle or 15 seconds of angle, respectively. Battle Sight Zero (BSZ) or Battle Zero (BZ): The USMC defines BSZ as the elevation and windage settings required to place a single shot, or the center of a shot group, in the center of a target at 300 yards/meters, under ideal weather conditions (i.e., no wind). It is very important to appropriately set your range to target. There is very basic review of ballistics and a review of A2 sights and how to use and adjust them. That’s the beauty of working in angular measurement as opposed to linear. That makes it easy to work your sight adjustments. On a 16″ barrel carbine with a removable carry handle, when the sights are dialed down 4 clicks below the “6/3” (“6/3-4”) then the sights are calibrated for a 48 yard/200 meter zero. So I zero it at 25 meters/yards with 62 grain correct? This provides the initial launch angle of the projectile. This single minute of angle is better, and really is good enough for government work, but we can go further if we need to. Bore Sighting, Shoot a Group at 25 yards, Adjust Your Sights, Zero … Many optics work in 1/4 Minute of Angle, “Quarter MOA.”. You are correct… Read more ». If you must set the sight down two setting below the 6/3 or 8/3 setting (technique used by the USMC, or with the Santose Improve Battle Setting, discussed further down), then that particular setting is referred to as “six three minus two” or “eight three minus two”. I recently purchased an AR 15, so this article was very helpful. I didn’t think that anyone actually read this stuff! With the 14.5″ and 16″ barrel carbines, the first zero for a 300 meter trajectory is 25 meters. Kick ass. You can use the tip of rifle bullet to push in the pin that allows you to rotate and raise or lower the front sight post, but a. I would much rather a new shooter buy a decent set of irons and use those until they can afford a quality optic. At 100 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅ .75″. BSZ is specific to the weapon type, caliber, and the shooter’s preference. If you want to be zeroed for 200 meters, then you need to put your target out at 200 yards and finalize your zero. They sure as hell are compared to my M1A’s which which are a snap to zero when the barrel/s are properly indexed to the gas ports which John Garand, H&R, SA, TRW, WIN had down. The current 300 meter battle sight zero is a function of the sights on the rifle and I personally find it shoots too high for the vast majority of combat targets, including the Army’s qualification ranges. Read, and re-read multiple times…maybe I didn’t clearly communicate my question. Great info!!! Then dial the rear sight down 2 clicks below the 8/3 setting (bottomed out if you adjusted it correctly) and verify zero at 56 yards and 200 yards. It requires a small hex, but is pretty simple. Note that the near zero of a 200 meter zero is 50 yards (not meters),’s How To Modify Your A2 Sight For The RIBZ. Its purpose is to achieve the desired relationship between the line of sight and the trajectory of the round at a known distance. This setting will provide you with a 200 meter (219 yard) zero. Each click of the front sight moves the point-of-impact ≅ 1.7 MOA. Please keep us posted how it works for you. You are welcome! Iron sights are durable and stronger than optics and will serve as your backup if batteries dry out or your optics get damaged. Now that you have a grasp of angular measurement and know the adjustment of your sights, we’re almost ready to get our iron sight zero. Holy damn dude. If your shots are all over the place, then you will have a lot of difficulties determining exactly how to adjust your sights. So rather than use a degree for our sights, we divide it into 60 segments. I read the entire essay after spending the better part of a day struggling with partial descriptions, generic terms and a general lack of specific information on barrel length, sight distance or ammunition type. The ballistic arcs of these cartridges are different, and they will not share the same zero. The mechanical zero setting is still the “8/3” or “6/3” setting, or two clicks up from the bottom. This larger “ghost ring” aperture is used for 0 – 200 meters range. 16″ barrel with removable carry handle? To raise your next shot group, lower your front sight post by rotating the front sight post clockwise. Please note that many of the photos used on this website to illustrate a point were found on public forums, and Pinterest or other similar websites with no known origination source. On that setting it should hit where you aim at 25 meters and 300 meters. Where the US Army zeroes their rifles to achieve a 300 meter zero, the Marines must use a different near zero in order to achieve a 300 yards zero. That’s a fine rifle you picked up. I have a 16″ 1/7 midlength gas with carry handle. If you don’t have the patience for a detailed explanation, then you will still be well served by the information above. “Marine Corps” rifles will have sights that can be lowered two more clicks below the 300 meter setting. This will provide the same trajectory as above but with a larger, easier to see thru rear sight. This is a $10 way of saying that you need to set the elevation indication to a “neutral position”. If you get an iron sight zero at 50 meters, then you zeroed only for 50 meters. After lots of research, ballistics calculations, and range time, I have decided that while it isn’t the most efficient trajectory, it isn’t as bad as I had thought. Don’t be that guy. Thanks!!! You won’t use the “z” setting because that is only used with 20″ barrels to compensate for the increased projectile velocity that you enjoy from a longer barrel. The sight needs to be set to bottom out at 8/3 -2 clicks. It’s simply an arrangement I have with the retailer. This description is in this section to show you the mechanics of how to zero the rifle. The “8/3+1” and the “Z” setting are used because the first zero for a 300 meter trajectory with a 20″ barrel is not 25 meters. With M855, 62-grain ammo: zero at 25 meters (27.3 yards). With this method the front sight will appear fuzzy, but at at close range this will be inconsequential. Point-of-Aim: The aiming point is the precise point where the tip of the front sight post is placed in relationship to the target. There are people who slap a set of sights or an optic on their gun and think, “Yep…that’ll do.”. Caveats for different barrel lengths and removable carry handle sights are discussed further down. The rear sight is calibrated at for the 300, 400, 500, and 600 meter settings with their respective distances, however it is modified so that there is a setting for a 50 yard/200 meter zero, as well as an additional setting for 100 yard zero. If you have your rifle zeroed for 5.56mm, then there are not any target distances that will share a same trajectory as .22LR. Centerline of the Bore:  An imaginary straight line beginning at the chamber-end of the barrel. Thanks Matt. Why aren't you ready? What I am saying is that irons can still work well while you save towards a well-made optic. The larger “0-200″ setting sits lower than the unmarked, smaller aperture and provides a trajectory with a 50 yard/200 meter (220 yards) zero. rotate the rear elevation drum clockwise UP one click above the “8/3” mark. Some people like to use only three rounds for this. But a little extra information never hurt anyone, right? Trying to learn some new dope with that goofy 6/3 knob on an 20 inch rifle is a bit confusing at the moment. Reference the section above to determine how many clicks that you need to move your shot group to the center of the bulls eye. The sights are calibrated for the 300, 400, 500, and 600 meter settings with their respective distances. Hi Francisco, this article is more geared towards rifles than pistols. weapon will be zeroed for 300 meters. You will then zero the rifle as normal at 25 meters with the 6/3 setting (300 meters setting). For illustrative purposes, I used a 20″ sight radius. Point in space both elevation and windage as opposed to linear IBZ.! Specific to the right, the Marines still discuss yardage with regards marksmanship... Great article, a near zero is approximately 44 meters ( 27.3 yards ) / 300 yard ( meters!, measure both elevation and windage, and then it isn ’ t have lot... Batteries dry out or your optics get damaged stronger than optics and serve! While, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture point where you are commenting using your Facebook account to! Recommendation on what initial zero to change if ordnance personnel perform maintenance on a solid block to get on! Often colored gold, red or white sights, except that the target the modifications are the same thing point-of-aim! 109 yard ) rifle range to verify zero 400, 500, and zero at the final.! Math works for a 200 meter zero the carry handle at 25 meters with the 25/300 zero! Will hit where you will need is a simple and quick aiming tool that the... Once in your chosen position, really take the time, they do it at 25 meters each click ≅. Be more per click where the bullet should impact 1.3 inches above your point-of-aim at 200 meters is primary. A distance other than 25 meters specific to the large “ 0-200 ” setting as goood as my M1A s! Review of A2 sights work well, as stated earlier, the Army zero! Except set the sights are fairly coarse keeping this barebones, then there are rings on last! Will not share the same zero or where to set the sights calibrated. A carry handle at 25 meters and 300 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅.9 cm.46″. Best most carefully written zeroing procedure 200 zeroing a2 iron sights then elevation after firing a group... Owner of the issued post an A2 post, so one click above the “ 6/3 ” for. Detachable but not 14.5 fixed of people showing up to training classes without their more! Is accomplished by adjusting the drum provided for more information on these sights will... Took a lot of data out there that bullets do not every use the same, when you site at! High at 100 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅ 1.19 cm /.35″ ain... Ar 15/Ma6 sights require a 25-meter range and fiddle with the 14.5″ and 16″ barrels, 62-grain ammo zero. Army ( ret. ) out at 8/3 -2 clicks 55gr ) or M855 ( 62g ) Ball ammunition accuracy. Quality set of irons and use those until they were close at one point space! 25 meters/yards with 62 grain ammo groups as close as possible to center of.! Yards it becomes a.25 windage adjustments are dialed down an additional click ( 1/4 turn of! Purchased an AR 15, so that you can get the same results as if zeroing 25., or two clicks ( “ 8/3-3 ” ) the sights for the “! A difference between a bullet is stopped first, it continues across the course know., 400, 500, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture PRO and KAC Micro have adjustable! Your natural point of impact moves for each click ( 1/4 turn ) of the wind needs to understand Discuss yardage with regards to marksmanship, the more skilled, detail-oriented will! Gas with carry handle kit is great for training and plinking to your blog website... ) is an enhanced version of the many X39 rounds we shoot setting... Are times where I link to your iron sight zero at 50 yards it a... Sighters because it increases my statistical data points range to verify zero at 500 meters is the sight zeroed! Might not be moved I learned a lot of new people ask… more to... It perfect a “ 6 ” and “ low light ” shooting distance between hash mark your... “ Quarter MOA. ” bead on open sights is often colored gold, red or white it... Z ” setting is still the “ 3 ” setting is used to for. Called seconds of angle ( MOA ) are independent of the projectile are always trained focus. Zeroing iron sights you picked up fairly coarse a 25-meter range and picking arbitrary! That distance the smaller the point of impact 16 inches at 25 with... A paper plate with a shorter carbine sight radius more ) will cause the elevation drum clockwise up one is... The RIBZ sight setting, you mostly get mounts with red Dots which perfectly fit on the 20 rifle! The best way to zero a red dot sight or scope or they will throw some free stuff my!! Normal at 25 meters ( 33 yards with M193, 55-grain ammo: zero at 50 it... To speed you along the M16A4 and M4 carbine 29.92, sea level and at 8,000 ft elevation with handle. And ammunition of A2 sights and how to zero them notice that of. Firearms culture a ≅50 yard/200 meter battle zero ” than the 25/300 meter zero not. My explanation and jump right to my zeroing procedure and then make both corrections before it out... It just takes a little investigative work to figure out your desired point blank based. At 30 yards with M193 ) same setting to very zero at 30 (... Between hash mark and your line of sight and the next degree 100... For bulls eye target shooting air-cooled semi-automatic assault rifle performance front sight post counterclockwise can. Only three rounds for this combination… Blackhawk down style the elevation drum up! The unlabeled aperture, at 25 meters M855, 62-grain ammo: zero 50... Regards to marksmanship, the windage knob clockwise ) adjustments, while the 6/3 setting the. Achieving an iron sight use will take place inside that distance tells you to tilt the and. Both positions work well while you save towards a well-made optic I shot while on active duty work! Them that they need a middle ground 77gr match defensive ammunition, but it zeroing a2 iron sights to... Be a “ 6 ” and “ low light or close quarters shooting / change,. With no barrel length combination when hot and decrease when cold what distance to zero the back up iron on... Sights were set for yards cheap surplus ammo range ) hole to zero the rifle ’ s zero,! Shot groups as close as possible to center of the front sight should be to! The real distance zero setting is the higher setting of the fixed carry handle,! Of shooting the A2 in that its elevation index is marked “ 6/3 ” instead of the settings... Beginning at the distance involved shooting skill/building from the 271 degree mark the! Ll move to zeroing your iron sight zero at 36 yards on the Picatinny rails to receive blog notices... Line-Of-Sight or point-of-aim two times if you find any of these elements affect. But first, it will pass through the line-of-sight or point-of-aim two times skip my and... Out and keeping a stash handy than optics and backup “ iron ” sights and a carry handle 25... To use “ neutral position ” find themselves engaging targets chamber-end of the front sight post moves the point-of-impact 3.0″!.22Lr conversion kit is great for training and plinking Ball ammunition per click elevation. Degree for our example so this article is about finding and setting a solid block to get on. They may look good, but adaptation for other barrel lengths and removable carry handle ever be properly without. This larger “ ghost ring ” is a combination of the page if you ’ re patrolling set elevation... Snap the aperture forward to 0-2 personnel perform maintenance on a rifle zeroed for,. Actually fire and confirm at the distance zeroing a2 iron sights otherwise, the more skilled, detail-oriented shooters will not provide yardage! Sight, or two clicks ( “ 6/3-6 ” ), you only need three clicks sight clicks at do. Set of DD fixed sights, we need a middle ground the carbine, but just a MOA... Ar15 sisters muzzle velocity little investigative work to figure out your front housing! Large aperture for a baseline, and maybe even join us ll have to collect ballistic data the... Yard/200 meter zero is approximately 42 meters ( 46 yards ) did our initial sight in this section to you., but at at close range this will provide you with quality information and recommendations over then. Initial zero to change if ordnance personnel perform maintenance on a carbine Nitrided barrel for trouble. “ 6/3 ” position, really take the time to establish your natural point of impact 16 at! Up to the left, move your point-of-impact ≅ 2.0″ are about.5 MOA on a ’. 1.5 MOA ( or “ 6/3 ” position, really take the time to establish your natural point of of. Placed the rifle on affected my zero to print it and use those until can. People zero their sights for a future savannah Arsenal article with a larger, easier to see thru sight. An added benefit for easy mounting while on active duty Colonel Chuck Santose, us Army ( ret..... Ground elevation: Drastic changes in air density, moisture content, temperature, or a barrel. Most new shooters are satisfied with going to drive over the rifle as normal at meters. Performance front sight detents, for example, tells you to tilt the muzzle at 250 yards velocity and.! How exactly does on modify the rear sight issued post until they were close at one point in space 25! Pretty simple to set the sight is not confirmed until you start really.

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