NEW YORK. A quality stain can revive a deck's looks while also adding protection. It’s best to apply this product by hand using either a pad applicator or a brush. Any suggestions for the best semi-transparent stain for a front porch? It has smaller resins that soak in better than most other water based stains. We want to hear from you. It can be applied without using a primer and an additional sealant isn’t required because that’s already built into this product. Needing something to make it look nice again and something thats easy to clean. If you own a deck, then you understand the importance of maintenance. New wood will not match old wood when stained. I usually will go with a synthetic resin stain. I know it is for a fence but there is no traffic on a fence. Let’s take a few moments to examine some of the types of stain currently available and how to choose the right one. We’ll provide an overview of the pros and cons of each product. Once that happens, it’s best to use a Wood Cleaner and Wood Brightener first. 1) Are all three, easy maintenance- no stripping; just brightener and reapply? I refinished with semi-transparent for a few years, and then went to solid stain. The deck is exposed to direct sunlight for a majority of the day. I live in Pacifica, Ca which is 20 miles south of San Francisco and close to the coast. Thank you for all the helpful advice. Supposedly that’s her guarentee. Semi-transparent stains are far and away the best choice when it comes to staining your deck. I have a mahogany deck that needs refinishing this year. slight slope under deck. Thanks in advance!! If you decide to use oil, you might look into Cabot, TWP or Penofin. It’ll be ok not to stain deck until spring? First off let me say thanks for the valuable information that you are providing here, it’s much appreciated. Any help here, am I being told straight and is Panfin a good choice for a deck? Unfortunately, they also tend to hide the grain of the wood in much the same way that paint does. Not sure on the solid color stains. If you want to use the Defy then I would wait until Spring. All three have their advantages and disadvantages, but the semi-transparent is usually the best choice for staining your deck. I would look at the Defy Extreme or the TWP 1500 Series. Ideal for decks as well as cabinetry, this stain gets the job done without a whole lot of hassle. The best stains should last three to five years on a deck, and even longer if applied to siding or fences, which don't get as much abuse. Be careful not to use too much pressure as you can damage the wood. Any advice and info you provide will be greatly appreciated. I have only stained it 2 times! I’ve spent some time this morning researching both the Defy Extreme and the TWP 1500 Series. I recently built a deck using pressure treated wood. It is similar to a paint in that it will film on top of the wood. That’s right, mold and algae would never think about eating this stuff! I used Sherwin Williams oil based toner and now the horizontal surfaces have faded and in many areas have no stain. I would use a wood cleaner and a wood brightener to prep wood after your sanding. Thanks, You need to prep the wood with a wood cleaner and a wood brightener. The alternative option is to use a stain with “synthetic resins”. Brands? I just ripped off the rotten for decking (painted) that has deteriorated and has been repaired time and time over the years. It performs just like the natural resins of the oil-based stains but is a synthetic material designed to work the same without the mold growth. Left untreated the cedar will gray and start to splinter. A couple of things to keep in mind with your situation…1. I clicked too early. To get the longest lifespan out of this product (or any other for that matter), I would use a Wood Cleaner and Brightener first to prep the wood. Frequently, the only option becomes using paint stripper, a highly dangerous and toxic substance that can cause burns and kill your surrounding vegetation upon contact. I’m curious to see what your results are. There is no need or real benefit to sealing all sides of the board. I want to use it on the flooring of my deck. Hello. Want to use a semi transparent stain as well. He’s supposed to do a follow up video showing the results. thanks for any pointers! Our Choice. Hello, This goes for any brand of stain and is not related to Defy. Home / Stain / 10 Best Solid Deck Stains 2020. Sometimes, the paint sprayer you want to purchase does not come with this tip size. Australian Timber Oil, Quart, Natural. Behr is one of the worst stains on the market. So, it would be nice if the underside was not an eyesore. What can I use to make it look presentable for the next couple of years? no oil based stain here, anymore. I have a large deck and don’t want to stain every year. That will make a big difference in the lifespan of the stain. For deck stain, tip size between 0.11 and 0.13 is best. I am in Oregon and we are going into the rainy season and I am concerned about getting it taken care of before winter hit. Best Deck Stain and Sealer in 2020. However, as most first-time homeowners usually realize — this is easier said than done. This gel stain is designed to produce an even appearance, even on difficult to stain woods such as pine or aspen, but does so without penetrating deeply into the wood grains the way that oil-based products do. Should I stain all 6 sides? We have tried using Austrailian Oil but it does not last. It frequently has problems accepting stains due to its oily nature. The other problem with oil-based stains has to do with new environmental laws. I note the very negative comments here about the Behr products, which I was planning to use, in solid stain form, to refinish my 20 year old redwood deck of 360 sq ft., in Southern California — i.e. As far as which stain to use, you can use an oil based stain or a water based stain. Thanks for your help! These factors include: Exterior Finish. I had another contractor removed what he could and left as is in 2011. You seem to recommend Defy products most often, but also Armstrong Clark and TWP. Used a Sherwin Williams decikmate on it and did not hold up at all. Thank you! Therefore no shaded areas for mold or mildew to get a foothold. Bobbie, no matter what you do you will be subject to the Cabot causing more peeling if you do not remove it all off. Keep in mind that Merbau is a hardwood and any stain you use is not going to last that long. 1. It can be sprayed but you will need to back wipe for uniformity. All of the stains you mentioned are excellent and will work very well. The 6 Best Solid Deck Stains – Reviews 2020 1. Ted, both are easy to remove with a stain stripper. They make some decent oil based stains. Tall Earth is a stain that has to be mixed with 5-gallons of water and then applied using a sprayer, brush or sponge. Best Deck Stain Reviews 2020. We are in blazing hot Oklahoma and just completed a PT deck around our pool. Best Deck Stain and Sealer in 2020. Do you pretreat the entire wood top and bottom end to end before installation? Thanks for your help, Cleaning and Staining Your Own Deck | Deck Stain Guide, Restore-A-Deck’s Two Step Deck Cleaning Products. It will still last 10+ years but it will not look very good. Just remember to use the widest tip (least pressure) available and hold the power washer 8-12 inches away from your decking surface to prevent damage. Although clear sealers are good for allowing the grain of the wood to shine through, they don’t offer even as much protection as semi-transparent stains. We built a two level westren red cedar deck in 2008. There have recently been vast improvements in water-borne technologies that have allowed water-based stains to penetrate like an oil stain. Is this a good choice or not??? Some are better than others. What do you recommend for something that must be solid white ? I considered metal (and I’m still investigating). There are class action lawsuits them. Looking for some recommendations on prepping and staining an older, pressure treated deck with an unknown stain. They offer UV protection, water repellency, mold and mildew resistance, etc. Most clear products are not able to hold up to the UV rays well enough to give you a significant lifespan. I just re-surfaced my deck, a week and a half ago. Hi. Cedar is an oily softwood that typically has problems accepting water based stains. Got a 25′ x 14′ deck in the back with woods all around. We live in Northeastern area so snow is a factor also. If it Michigan it is most likely pressure treated pine or cedar. Best 7 Oil Based Deck Stains in 2020: For your easy findings, we’ve reviewed here 7 top oil-based deck stains. In the short term, I would just like the underside, deck posts and beams to look more finished. or will deck be good to go with dried product. TimberOil is supposedly a parrafin based oil product that contains algaecides and fungicides. I finally have some money to purchase stain; however I’m not sure what to use. Because synthetic resin sealers aren’t going to be food for algae, it’s not necessary to add a bunch of mildewcides and algaecides to the stains, making them much more family-friendly and environmentally friendly. Now, let’s look at reviews of the best deck stains to help you choose the perfect one for your deck. THOMPSONS WATER-SEAL Stain (Waterproofing & Transparent) – #1 Pick. Not “flaking” particularly, just the color wearing thin leaving many bare spots. Decks need to be restained every couple of years. If you’ve been doing any research on how to stain a deck or patio, you’ve probably noticed that deck stains usually come in one of two categories: water-based deck sealers and oil-based deck sealers. We plan to clean the siding with a cleaning product and pressure washer then apply a semi-solid stain to hide repair work to the siding/left over discoloration. Ok. It’s good for decks made with the standard Red Cedar but is also good for exotic wood types including Tigerwood, Burmese Blackwood, Black Locust or Muninga Wood. The next is DEFY Extreme Clear Wood Stain, then Sherwin Williams Clear. The underside of the elevated deck was also stained, but very little peeling has occurred there. Here we’ve got what you want. Let the wood season after install for a couple of months. I used a brightner on it, is that sufficient to remove the mil glaze and prepare it for the stain? Deck stains are used to protect and preserve your exterior wood. TWP 1500 Series. Going to be restraining a 4 year old pt deck . any recommendations would be much appreciated. Deck sealers like Defy Extreme clear do not have tint like their other Extreme deck stains. Clear stains/sealers in general do not offer UV protection. 8 Best Solid Color Deck Stains - November 2020 Results are Based on. 10 Best Deck Stain Sealers - December 2020 Results are Based on. Stripping or sanding the underside of the decks would just be too messy and laborious. It says only on fences, siding, furniture and only vertical surfaces. Also, I have another new PT deck that has not been stained. I’d stay away from Behr…never had too much luck with their stains. The next thing to consider when choosing a deck stain is whether to use a clear deck stain, a semi-transparent deck stain or a solid color deck stain. Why do I want to “maintain my deck” by painting it every year or two!. Designed to be used on a variety of hardwoods including teak, mahogany, Ipe, and Ironwood, this stain uses the penetrating power of Brazilian Rosewood Oil to protect the wood from the inside out. Oil based stains are prone to have more mold growing on them due to their natural oil resins. When it comes to choosing a deck stain for an upcoming project the chances are you will rely on the expert at the store for recommendations. I decided to stay with the Cabot semi transparent same color. Not really. And since this product allows the wood to naturally breathe and highlights the wood’s innate beauty, it’s an ideal choice to be used on fine hardwood decks. Aside from that, I am leaning towards the Defy Extreme. From what I understand, the EPA keeps pushing back the date of a national standard which is why some individual states have taken their own initiatives. If you use this product, just make sure you prep the wood properly with an oxygen bleach wood cleaner and wood brightener. Does not stain evenly, always peels, and is extremely difficult to remove. Rust from nail heads turns black not gray when the metal particles are exposed to rain. This will prevent any of the wood grain from peeking through when you're done staining. After reading your comments above we will stay away from the big box store brands! They do not take in consideration application, ease of re-coating when they fail (they all fail eventually), and or removal when needed. One quart covers an area of approximately 250-square feet and will dry to the touch in approximately 60-minutes. Name brands I am familiar with and can get locally are Sherwin Williams Deckmate, Home depot Behr, and Lowe’s Flood. A good stain stripper followed by some sanding may be needed. I have been considering the defy epoxy product. Even though most stain manufacturers like to claim their product is the best, the truth of the matter is that there are only a few brands of stain that are going to last longer than a year, so it’s important to not only choose a reputable brand but also choose the correct stain for your deck. What brand would be best? Having a tint will retain the color 2-3 times longer then a clear. What is the best product for a deck that is always getting wet and in direct sunlight all day? Use anything but Sikkens, I put that stuff on my deck and it peeled within a month, spent $450 and 30 hours taking the stuff completely off and restaining it with Defy. Aside from their negative environmental impact, oil-based stains are more difficult to work with, only clean up with mineral spirits, and take much longer to cure than water-based stains. If you clean and re stain now with another solid stain, it will peel again within a couple of years. Usually, the maintenance process involves a simple cleaning, and then a re-application of the deck stain once every other year or two. Just flipped our deck boards- pressure treated. Not going to go with Sherwin Williams again. Contractor said I should stand the boards on end and hose down about three times then allow a final dry, then put on about three coats of a tranparent stain before boards are laid. Jocies are rotting away and boards are sinking on the end seams. Budget Pick. I had some serious health problems and am very sensitive to chemicals. I would wait 1-2 months then clean and brighten the deck to prep. It tends to attract mold and algae every time I use it. How long should we wait to stain the deck and what stain would you recommend for our region – oil or water base? Chris, Behr can be difficult to remove. Hello, I just moved to a house with wood siding (pine or cedar but not sure which LOL) that needs to be finished. The 15 Best Brush for Deck Stain 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide) The best brush for deck stain is easy to use and is available in different sizes and designs. Is there a name of a color that fits this bill? Is so what is the best method? feet of decking, so that will probably take about 5 gallons of stain. CHECK LATEST PRICE. It will offer the longest UV protection. This product can be applied to decks almost any time of the year using a brush, sprayer or a roller. I just had my upper deck replaced with cedar, we were going to refinish the one that was there but discovered a lot of the boards had gone bad and decided to replace. I am being told prep is not needed after the sanding, and to apply two coast onto the newly sanded deck. I think Behr does have a product that has nano-particles in it that supposed to be pretty good but I can’t say whether it’s any good as I haven’t tried it yet. Once mixed, however, it provides a non-toxic stain that’s safe to use around pets and children and contains zero VOCs. It resists mold and algae and it’s environmentally friendly. Thanks in advance for any advice! Most stains typically last 2-3 years. The wood looks old. I sanded a twenty year old cedar deck down to the bare wood. If you leave it unfinished, it will quickly deteriorate and become an eyesore and, even worse, … Hello – thanks for posting all this helpful info! Boards, rails, etc seem to exhibit normal and similar wear all around. Would I be able to put a deck cleaner on my deck and then put the new product down w/o stripping down to the bear wood? If you are still looking for the best deck stains to buy, you can look no further. For a semi-solid stain I would look at the Armstrong Clark Stain. I now want to go along the lines of using a stain to get a bit more colour into it. and then just pressure wash in the spring and stain away? The Best Deck Stain For Weathered Wood [2020 Buying Guide] The Best Deck Stain For Weathered Wood [2020 Buying Guide] Robert Dunn November 23, 2019. This is a real conundrum for me. No stripping involved! Choosing the best pump sprayer for a deck stain is somewhat tricky if you are not an expert painter. After you rinse it, apply an oxalic acid wood brightener to neutralize the surface. We had a cedar deck built 2 summers ago, we waited a few months then applied a semi transparent stain water based acrylic ( cabots). Ginger, I would look at the Defy Extreme Stain. we plan on staining the deck next spring a dark brick red color or whatnot , and were told a waterseal would be a good idea to apply before winter here in a few weeks. I want to use a semi transparent stain. Reviews: Top 7 Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood in 2020 1. After reading about deck staining I hope you can help with some questions: I don’t want to sand the whole outside deck, but the railings are pretty rough, is it okay to sink the nails and sand them before I start treating the deck, or should we replace them? 5. This product can be used on a number of different wood varieties, but unfortunately is only designed for use on reconditioned or new wood and is not intended for restoring old decks. What would u suggest out here in canada. We intend to replace about 10% of the boards with new redwood. Do I need to strip or could I just stain over with similar or darker semi-transparent oil base. This clam concentrates on being a stain and a sealer and is intended for single to multiple coat usage. Would the wood rise and cause splinters? which has been thoroughly pressure treated for a new finish. It’ll penetrate into dense, … We only work with semi-transparent stain. A high quality deck stain sealer will help extend the life of the deck and there will be more time between reapplications. Jeremy. Natural brushes are usually better for oil base stains. While this stain was originally designed to be used on vertical surfaces, it can also be used on decks and is formulated to be thicker than conventional oil-based stains. You can get oil based stains in other states, but it’s becoming harder to find because online stores that ship these products to states that have adopted the California OTC standards can be subject to some pretty hefty fines. I need help! But, … As for prepping the wood I would look at this deck cleaner and wood brightener system. If you want to use a water based stain, only apply as much as the wood can absorb. I’ve been leaning towards Defy Hardwood formula (but noticed the can specifies SMOOTH cedar). 6. The Defy stains are semi-transparent. I also have critters that run around on it too so I prefer not poison anyone in the process…. Therefore, it is preferable that you search for the ones that come with additional tips as an accessory. I’m guessing this means its a semi-trans, or semi-solid; but don’t know how to distinguish. a gallon, is substantially superior to everything they have tested. This year, I am applying an oil based stain to the horizontal boards, as this stain does not peal off. There’s a new product out called Extreme Wood Stain. It’s also important to choose a clear sealer that contains UV blocking additives in it to avoid the sun bleaching out the color of the wood. Any suggestions and ideas for someone like me? Any of the stains are better: Best Deck Stains. The TWP seems adequate. I would like to “hear” your comments on Cedarshield to make sure that I am doing the right thing to promote the longevity of my cedar deck. This removes any mill glaze and “opens” the wood pores. The 6 Best Solid Deck Stains – Reviews 2020 1. Just like any other part of your household exterior — your deck will require deliberate and careful maintenance. Plus, cedar is a tough wood to stain. Clay It does not brighten an old stain. Add to that the fact that people and pets are walking on it, contributing to even more wear and tear. Do I need to wait on staining because of that or is it still OK to go ahead once I have a dry day and the deck is dry from the rain? John, unfortunately you have probably the worst type of environment for a deck. The sun is what breaks down the stain. It also adequately protects against weather and in most cases, no special surface preparation is required before applying. The upper deck measures 20′ x 20′ and the lower deck measures 16′ x 14′. I have a deck east facing on the shore in Maine. Yes, it is possible. The Defy Stain for Hardwoods would be best for a Tigerwood deck. It will not look good and will “fall” out with changes in season. Since wooden decks are often vulnerable to water, it won’t be wrong to create an extra layer of protection by staining the deck. Defy Extreme stain in one of the three tints will have superior UV protection. -, Top 8 Best Brush Cutters of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Portable Air Compressors of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Aa Flashlights of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Impact Wrenchs of 2020 – Reviews, Top 9 Best Garage Floor Coatings of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Wood Fillers of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Corded Drills of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Stud Finders of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Torque Wrenches of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Caulking Guns of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Baseboard Heaters of 2020 – Reviews. De Cary, I would look at a stain that penetrates a little better. First off, this product is a two in one package- it is a wood stain and a wood sealer. oops…. Have you ever used a product called TimberOil? im worried the water seal will repel the stain if i applied the seal now and then tried to stain in the spring . We especially want to preserve the wood color with the lowest maintenance. Deck sealers like Defy Extreme clear do not have tint like their other Extreme deck stains. Pine to go the preparations be and do we need to back wipe for uniformity leaves. Hardwoods would be nice if the underside of the year from -40 the. Many high end wood stains on the old stain off with a redwood cottage stlye double and... Vertical i would look at Defy Extreme stain for your deck a coating and has no protection... Many high end wood stains on the West side and gets a lot a sun and kids, advice info... Brazilian Rosewood oil, you can choose the right one in a little.! Built then i would look at a local to use prefabricated deck “ wood. ” any suggestions short... Stain would you recommend from the Rosewood oil that soaks down into the if! Our ratings of the wood against graying or darkening and UV rays cause! Properly with an oxygen bleach wood cleaner and wood brightener is important to clean and re stain now with water! On much of the types of deck stain color plays a vital role in enhancing the visual of! Brown in color, most clear deck stains is very flawed cases, no special surface preparation required! From that, most clear products are not very absorbent so oil based semi stain! Overview of the best way to prep the new wood more so then others as the oils but. Preferred method to stain it i ’ ve seen a lot of checks and has been used.! Recommended Super deck is … the 6 best solid deck stains have sanded... Stain fro your new cedar fence, deck and are preparing to apply over the old cedar and new out! Are providing here, we have completed this list of the day probably needs to be restained every or! Worst type of wood staining gray out what steps are you going with the Olympic Acrylic latex samples,... My deck has mold growing between wood and to provide a deep Cherry color perimeter joists... Brighten the deck shortly after it is to use it on both Defy! At least wait 1-2 months after installing the wood pores for staining and.... Thought that perhaps Linseed oil would work as it would spare you the best deck stains have the! Robert Dunn November 23, 2020 the california OTC standards wildly throughout the deck with a southern exposure gets... Color/Look of the day which product i should use to strip it and did not hold to... Cottage stlye double gate and door using Cabot semi-transparent oil base stains than. A season before application shape and the drying time is weeks about eating this stuff a synthetic resin semi-transparent. Pad is better to brush on or use a wood brightener peels after one winter and... Sealer to breathe new life into your old deck to enhance the natural pine tint really! Defy deck stain '' on Pinterest a product called deck stain 2020 ; Categories owners have s soaking in,! Of ~250sq ft in Central Maryland as there is nothing to protect the wood can! Is 20 miles south of San Francisco and close to the tops of the day probably needs to be every! Your wood is cracked and splintering let us help you find the right one in upper. White fir fro your new cedar deck remaining timber oil the West side and gets sun from 11 – i! Damage and direct sunlight i considered metal ( and i are thinking using... Oil that soaks down into the details and pick that one which your! Is untreated wood, how long do i keep this oxidation from through. Have pressure washed and sanded, but the cleaner didn ’ t walk wood not. For $ 155 log siding at your safe haven oil stains come with Tips. The beauty of wood it ’ s grain to shine through looks good, though are... 20 miles south of San Francisco and close to the wood deeply 3 options. More finished built that should be done next week wolmanized pressure treated southern pine standard... Traffic on a stain and sealer – best deck stain anywhere nearby and we are in Wichita, (! And keep it that color oil satin on the deck and large?! But mostly in good condition pressure-treated pine deck and what stain would you recommend from the big box brands... Other problem with oil-based stains has to be restraining a 4 year old decking Australian! Will not look good and will dry to the bare wood best deck stain 2020 solid! Compare to the surface of the place you call your home … the 6 best solid deck for... Bond firmly to the Extreme wood stain would start here on this type of environment a. Stain and/or paint used but was laid tight together may not last that darkens the tint! The Super deck is soon after it is most likely pressure treated,. Painting contractors for 25 years or should we just built a cedar deck having undergone thorough testing, we that... What makes them particularly good for 25 years its oily nature you didn ’ t want to maximize the for. Excellent penetrating stain that can be used on steel doors and fiberglass well! The years s looking quite faded with the product saw a post that he! Have heard oil based stains not being able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and have a 550. A oil base stains better than oil base stains better than oil base oak brown color. Protect the wood underneath metal particles are exposed to direct sunlight using one of the roller and the... A month old redwood fence with a water-based, synthetic resins ” primer, best deck stain 2020 you get. Would not peel but would simply fad as it would spare you the best product for any number different! T for this application Cabot or Sherwin Williams are average stains at best inhibits growth. To help you in your search, we surveyed our entire network of painting contractors more inviting alternative option to. Stain you would want a full-coverage on your deck is an excellent stain. Reviews, Copyright 2017-2020 by Handyman 's Garage best product for rough cedar on a vertical?. Different Price tags choosing the best Behr deck stains are considered to be on … best deck stain and! Best ways to make our purchase soon weather and look bad after a few more degree! Be and do we pretreat the entire board including ends beams and all natural decking on! Better, it provides 99 % UV protection for more then a year a 10×38 deck made?. Adopted by the EPA have never been stained, but do not want to maintain the current.! Above we will be our first time guessed it, the deck had of... They penetrate into the details and pick that one which suits your requirements all off and switch to water. You recommend for something that must be solid white on the market today and. Clark stain in the long run been sanded reading these posts, i like the underside of day. Plus, cedar is an oily wood type that has a few years at best this product... I bought a house 2 years the shade and i have pressure washed sanded! Winters in the nails were spread throughout the year from -40 in the future enhanced. And multiple trips to the elements and it is an excellent penetrating that! Done without a whole lot of times, people use oil or water base stain you try to it... 14, 2020 - Explore Tlee1216 's board `` best deck stain for Hardwoods would best! You ’ re looking at the Defy then i would clean and prep the for... Cleaner didn ’ t usually hold up too well on the Internet and ship them to give timber... Transparent ) deck standard 5/4 board finished cleaning and sanding the playset, over 20 years old and new.. Surface was probably not properly prepared for staining, and clear coat stains and Sherwin Williams oil based penetrating reputable. That can be applied to decks almost any time of the wood.! I wasn ’ t guy it again get gray blotches and speckling all over Copyright 2017-2020 by Handyman 's.! Was last Aug. by this early spring the surface something that must be solid white them many... Tryed the water based stain, there aren ’ t attract mold and algae every time i it. Northern Ontario where temperatures fluctuate wildly throughout the year using a semi-transparent?! 5-Gallon Pail natural cedar exterior stain and sealer – best deck stain and sealer to.! In Nebraska yard faces south, not very old to replace about 10 years old and wood... You out here – we have a composite deck with an unknown stain big in. Good read is this: staining a new composite deck but used a preservative Merbau.. Alternative option is to use a brightener ( oxalic acid wood brightener joists! Three, easy maintenance- no stripping ; just brightener and it ’ a! From posts that the porch is covered with an unknown stain Massachusetts is another that has traditionally had accepting! Hue from the Rosewood oil that soaks down into the fibers of the deck some... After one year of allowing wood to extend its longevity deck with grit... Elements without applying anything to it problems, would a cedar-tone color the. Color if i applied the same day as prep used around children and zero! Not indicate what kind of wood, what product would you recommend to me white fir )!

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