However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. If you move or change addresses while your claim is pending, or if the Notice of Settlement was sent to you at an old or incorrect address, please make sure you provide the settlement administrator with your correct updated address to make sure you receive any payment owed to you under the Settlement. Individuals who purchased a covered LG refrigerator from an authorized retailer between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2017. service for repair to replace the “Linear Compressor” that was under LG 10 year parts warranty but labor is not covered. 2:19-cv-13554-MCA-MAH, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and Sosenko, et al. I fit all the criteria and purchased an LG refrigerator during that time frame. $50 for one or more unsuccessful repairs; $100 for out-of-pocket labor costs for repairs; $50 for repairs that were delayed by at least 10 days; and. Got rid of fridge but I have my Original Receipt of purchase. The list is only LG and not Kenmore. Required fields are marked *, What is This Settlement About? I rented a home in 2016 that had an lg refrigerator, had constant problems. You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: It’s been over 3 months, close to $1000 for parts and labor as well as over $400 loss in food and groceries, the fridge is only 3 years old. Daily Hornet on September 18, 2020 It lasted 13 months. If you are contacted by the Settlement Administrator, please respond promptly. LG sent out 3 … Jan. 2nd, 2018. Please type or print your responses in ink. Placeholders.enable(); Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement Top Class Actions will continue to keep our viewers posted. The final approval hearing for the LG refrigerator class action settlement is scheduled for Dec. 15, 2020. If you submit your claim online or by email, then you will receive an electronic confirmation that your claim has been received. I have a kenmore elite refrigerator that needed the compressor replaced in June 2020. Please add me. Had to eventually buy new fridge after recurring problem occurred even after repairs.

I had to pay $500 to change compressor in 2018 after almost 2 months waiting for an aceptable resolution that never arrived and couldn’t wait any longer, and currently replacing compressor and system board panel because it stoped cooling again last week. Please add me I have two LFXS27466S in my garage that are not working. "It could include more than 1.5 million fridge owners," Park said. Very disappointing please add me. Still have to lay TOWELS ON MY TILE FLOOR CAUSE WATER LEAKING FROM THE REFRIGERATOR. You may want to contact class counsel with your questions:, Add me please! It took two weeks to get parts and to get scheduled. Under the terms of the deal, LG customers can collect cash payments depending on their situation. Please add me. You can include and add up Property Loss or Damage from multiple No-Cooling Events. NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim. This class action settlement for LG Refrigerator purchasers is an excellent outcome for the Settlement Class and provides meaningful cash payments, warranty extensions, and other enhanced warranty benefits. Does this include the kenmore elite I was told it’s made by LG? I received it on October 9th 2020. Was the class action approved on 12/15/2020 by the court? A class-action lawsuit filed against LG claims that many of the company's refrigerators only last a few years. My warranty expired,had to pay the appliance repair guy $400.00 to repair and install new parts and he gave us 30days warranty for parts only which already expired 09/30/20. IF YOU NO LONGER HAVE YOUR REFRIGERATOR OR IF THE STICKER IS MISSING, PLEASE COMPLETE THE INFORMATION REQUESTED BELOW AND PROVIDE PROOF OF PURCHASE (RECEIPT, INVOICE, REPAIR DOCUMENTS). This particular settlement includes LG units only. 19-cv-00610, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, LG Fridge Settlement c/o Administrator 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210 Philadelphia, PA 19103 (855) 918-4661, Daniel Girard Adam Polk Simon Grille GIRARD SHARP, Shanon J. Carson Amey Park John (“Quinn”) Kerrigan BERGER MONTAGUE PC, Phoebe A. Wilkinson Michael M. Maddigan HOGAN LOVELLS LLP. Hi Cheryl, You should contact the settlement administrator with any questions about your status as a class member: But now I know why. If you received a personalized notice in the mail or via email with a Claim Identification Number/Notice ID and Confirmation Code, please enter the codes you were provided below. Please add me bought it from sears had problems will never buy another one. Add me..No proof..but HAD the cooling system fail..had repair ..that failed..and it took over 10 days.. To have the fridge looked at..had spoiled at least 150.00 of meat products and then general condiments..salads..Vega. Now my oven is junk too. You may recover up to $450 for past No-Cooling Events upon signing the claim form as to each item under oath. That is so not right! You can also contact class counsel with your concerns. Single parent on fixed income all my food spoiled and kids had to learn rough times until I got it squared away Lowes always gets my business Always heard good things about LG . My sister in law purchased the same fridge within a few weeks of me purchasing mine. the first one was about 15 years ago. Fridge went out ( food went bad) , fixed it myself , worked fine until the same issue reoccurred causing the food to spoil again . My LG Refrigerator went out on me on 10/19/2017. Claims will not be paid until appeals are resolved. My LG was making noise after a month and was repaired and still was the same and finally had to replace it after 1 yr and 6 months never would buy that brand because of my issues with that. We called Sears and after more than 10 calls and 3 weeks. LG Fridge Settlement Could Reimburse Customers for Food Loss, Repairs Due to Cooling Issues – ABC7 Chicago. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! If there is a class action suite against LG refrigerator please notify me. We appreciate your ongoing patience. The cooler compressor went out in my refrigerator. If you want to tailor our website's use of your cookies, please select Change Settings. Hers has gone out 4 times since then! We borrowed one but it wasn’t enough. A $1.5 million LG refrigerator class action settlement has been reached to resolve claims that LG appliances suffer from a cooling defect. Claimants also state that LG must have clearly known about this, but continued the sale of their Refrigerators, while also handing incomplete warranty coverage and repairs to boot! I had this refrigerator too. Ours just died after 3 years and the Samsung warranty covers 1 year – WTF? The amount of food we lost doesnt even come close to the default amount but I’ll take anything at this point . Unbelievable. Rotten, gaskets coming apart. Then a few days later my freezer started creating frozen ice on the back of the freezer and bottom and sides. I purchased my first LG refrigerator Model # LFXS29766S /01 on March 10, 2015, but wasn’t delivered to my home until April. My kenmore with a LG compressor went out after 2 years! Receipts, invoices, photographs, payment card records, inspection records, insurance records, or other reasonable documentary proof are not required but may result in higher payments for Class Members. Has anyone else ran into this same challenge? Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we learn more. That time they were able to fix it. By October 26, 2020 I was already calling LG because the refrigerator was no longer working. The rubber gaskets are pulling away. We bought ours from Lowe’s and had 3 repairs done to it , ice makers caught fire And had to have home oweners claim filed , had to buy another one and it also has had issue . They already know because they have need to fix hundreds of refrigerators with the same problem. I purchased my LG Fridge in December 2013. Are the Kenmore Elites going to be included in this law suit? I’ve submitted this claim three times. My husband and I have underling health issues and we have to go out buy a refrigerator and new groceries, no one pay us for any of the additional expenses. Trashed it. Don’t have receipts but had fixed 1 time and then my son and I lost everything in the fridge and freezer which we had just finally gotten groceries and both were full!! We were at the cabin and came home to a refrigerator full of rotten food. Please provide the information requested below: IF YOU STILL HAVE YOUR LG REFRIGERATOR, TAKE A PICTURE OF THE STICKER ON THE INSIDE DOOR OF YOUR REFRIGERATOR AND SUBMIT IT WITH THIS FORM. I want to know when will I see the money for my loss of food and beverages? Wanted 865.00 for compressor plus labor. Can i file a claim if i, as the tenant, lost food and had out of pocket costs? Hi Maxine, Yikes! The lawsuit claimed that LG and Sears misrepresented the energy efficiency of their refrigerator. Good luck! Do not submit your only copy of the supporting documents. Payments under this program will include at least $500 for consumers who experience three or more cooling defect events, at least $400 for delayed repairs, and up to $3,500 in property loss reimbursement. Therefore I have no receipts since I threw them away once, I bought my new one. Frank Refrigerators aren’t cheap and repairing them isn’t either. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );. status of any class action settlement claim. Since then, the compressor has gone out twice. We bought the refrigerator at Sears. CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you own an LG refrigerator, you could be entitled to part of a class-action settlement. Class Members who provide no additional proof and support their claims only with a statement under oath can collect up to $450 from the settlement. This particular settlement is for LG refrigerators. I got brand new compressor and main board for it and the problem is still not fixed. An appeal to the settlement... Read More, © 2020 Top Class Actions LLC. This family is preparing a small claims suit for our food loss. Wasn’t There Already a Lawsuit Over LG Refrigerators? My landlord didnt pay for any losses or a replacement while we lived there. What if you bought a LG fridge back in 2015 and don’t have the fridge anymore because it tore up and got scrape. I gave mine away for recycling to the power company. A $1.5 million LG refrigerator class action settlement has been reached to resolve claims that LG appliances suffer from a cooling defect. Unsuccessful Repairs My LG Refrigerator had a No-Cooling Event, which I reported, but even though it was repaired, my LG Refrigerator had at least one more No-Cooling Event. Hi Ashley, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: When will it be our turn for some compensation. administrator or law firm. Not to mention, the warranty covers the compressor, but not the myriad other items needing replacing in my fridge that were caused by the domino effect of the bad compressor. We bought the refrigerator at Sears. Just 4 months after our 3 year warranty expired. More than 1.5 million consumers may be covered by the deal. The last guy came to fix it last month, and said he needed to order a new compressor AGAIN, so now we get to wait another month for him to return! LG Electronics U.S.A. Inc., Kenmore refrigerators were facing legal action again but have recently reached a proposed settlement. It’s caused a lot of rust ringing, and the magnetic piece that should keep the door closed is almost totally detached. You may want to contact class counsel with your questions: We brought a LG refrigerator and because we had so much trouble out of it we got rid of it and brought a whirlpool. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite, I was told it was made by LG when I purchased it. Hi Terri, This settlement only includes LG models. is_redirect && ! Thank you, Hi Raymond, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: On our fixed income finally just dumped and friend gave us a extra he had, please add to list. Accepted file types are: PDF, TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG. Hi Jim, You may want to contact class counsel with your questions: drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. For anyone that doesn't know, if you have an LG French door refrigerator/freezer, they are currently involved in a class action lawsuit. We had a five year warranty on our LG and it decided to have its non-cooling event 2 months after the warranty expired. We use cookies on our website to improve functionality and performance, to enhance the user experience, and to provide tailored content for website visitors. Park helped represent a class action suit against LG Electronics over certain refrigerator models built between 2013 and 2017. Never LG anything again. So please add me. for LG compressor and labor. Is the Kenmore brand a part of this lawsuit? And if not, would you qualify for the extended warrantee. I have the purchase receipt, and repair receipts. What can I do to ? Hi Tracy, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: We will let our viewers know if we learn of any other refrigerator class actions filed! Hi Roxanne, You can go to the settlement website and submit your claim: You may want to contact class counsel with your questions: Does this lawsuit include problems with the ice maker constantly freezing up/stays froze up and not working? I do not have my receipt from that far back and I have replaced my refrigerator because of the issues I had I believe I am entitled to the $450. Hi Carolyn, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: When you call them it’s a 2 hour wait time and they don’t respond to sent messages. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with an LG compressor, purchased in September 2016, that needed the compressor replaced in September 2020. If the Settlement Administrator has any questions regarding your claim after it is submitted, you will be notified by mail and email. Mine was purchased 10/15/2018 and the cut-off appears to be 12/31/2017 for the lawsuit, yet the faulty compressor problem persists. does not appear on the “Covered Models” list?! When the appliance failed again less than a year later, he claims he was forced to pay out-of-pocket once more for repairs. LG has not admitted any wrongdoing but has agreed to resolve the claims against them with a $1.5 million LG refrigerator class action settlement. Hi Angel, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: ABC12345678). HAVE TO KEEP TWO TOWELS UNDERNEATH FIRST SHELF TO KEEP ALL THE LEAKEAGE FROM SEEPING INTO THE REST OF FRIGIDAIRE AND FOOD ITEMS BOUGHT THE DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE, FRIDGE ADN ELECTRIC RANGE, DELIVERED IN JUNE, 2014. Hi Gayle, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: I just wanna cry! Add me please compressor replacement, lost $350 of food fridge purchased 9/2015 replacement compressor 5/2020. Last week, LG settled a class-action lawsuit alleging its refrigerators stopped cooling due to compressor-related problems. Kenmore Elite made by LG should be included in the compressor failure. On Oct 14th reported my freezer & fridge stopped working. I’m so upset. To the extent practicable, Claim Forms shall be processed in the order in which they are received. My refrigerator and freezer do not work. Hi Lisa, You must go to the settlement website and submit your claim: