We Recommend. Inspired in more or less equal measure by “Arctic landscapes, reindeer herding and certain stations on the Piccadilly Line”, Squelch Quartet are the family team of saxophonist Colin Izod and drummer Liam Izod (also the men behind arts education team Big Heart Media), plus pianist Emilio Salice and double bass player Hector Page. Artist Links Official Website . This is a collective that means business. Daniele Diodato, Guitar /// Benjamin Crane, Bass. Creation 6. Formed in London by Femi Koleoso (drums), his brother, TJ Koleoso (bass), Joe Armon-Jones (keys), Dylan Jones (trumpet), and James Mollison (saxophone), the group first made a name for themselves on the underground London jazz scene. Roundup for a couple of imminent jazz gigs…, Squelch Explore the largest collection of jazz recordings @ All About Jazz Her DIY Space performance will feature backing from a full band brewing up grooves from psychedelic soul, funk, rap and “grit pop”. Tobi Adenaike - Guitar Dylan Jones - Trumpet James Mollison - Tenor Saxophone Joe Armon-Jones TJ Koleoso - Bass Femi Koleoso - Drums Comment by yamo. James Speaks To The Galaxy 7. The other members of the band are double bass player Rio Kai (who’s played with Jason Yarde and Alex Garnett), drummer Patrick Boyle (Tomorrow’s Warriors Big Band, Nathaniel Facey) – both of whom previously worked with Tommy in a trio – and trumpeter Dylan Jones, who’s still an undergraduate at Trinity Laban, but is already a member of EZRA Collective. You Listen. Dylan Jones - Trumpet James Mollison - Tenor Saxophone Joe Armon-Jones - Piano TJ Koleoso - Bass Femi Koleoso - Drums. DIY Space For London, 96-108 Ormside Street, South Bermondsey, London, SE15 1TF, England Nah 2. Map Studio Café, 46 Grafton Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3DU, England This event is strictly 18+ with ID required on arrival at the venue. Let us have music for Christmas… Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth; Let each of us try, with a … With a debut album behind her, she’s been performing around London and Bristol for the past three years. They "marry the delicate technicalities of jazz musicianship with afrobeat and hip hop".Their Juan Pablo: The Philosopher went on to win the accolade of Best Jazz Album at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards in January 2018. You Can't Steal My Joy, an Album by Ezra Collective. Each member of the band brings a completely different style and influence, combing to create high energy performances, and virtuosic playing. Leading The Times 5. Twitter . Jazz album: “We Out Here” by Various Artists, released in 2018 on Brownswood Recordings. Steve 4. Genres: Jazz Fusion. Juan Pablo: The Philosopher by Ezra Collective, released 16 April 2018 1. VICE met at Trinity Laban Conseravotoire in Greenwich. Right out of the gate, Dylan Jones' trumpet delivers a hook so sharp you'll be humming it despite yourself. Dani is also a master of guitar tones from choppy earthy funk mutters to spatial, silvery ringing post-punk space chords, from joyfully clucking Afro pick-pops to strange MIDI-pedal patches like fluting backwards organs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Dylan Jones - Trumpet James Mollison - Saxophone Synergy in motion, London five-piece Ezra Collective are proving themselves as a harmonious tour de force. Using elements of Afrobeat, hip-hop, grime, R&B, and jazz, the five-piece delivered their debut EP, Chapter 7, in 2016. Steamy but danceable: the bass statement, the pacey club-inspired carpet of drumming and percussion, the flowing commentary of quizzical, discursive sax. Here’s what they sounded at Total Refreshment Centre back in March (in a live album released about a week ago), while their debut album-track Dawn Lit Metropolis (recorded with original percussionist Yahael Camara-Onono) sets their central elements into play. For ILL Considered they join up with drummer Emre Ramazanoglu and percussionist Satin Singh for their own free-jazz take on jam-banding. '”, On the same night, you’ve also got the chance to check out some new start-of-career talent at one of London’s nicest small venues – the Map Studio Café, tucked away in the Kentish Town side-streets. “To round off this season of LUME at The Vortex, we’ve got an exciting double bill of new and improvised music. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ezra Collective is: Femi Koleoso - Drums TJ Koleoso - Bass Joe Armon Jones - Keys Dylan Jones - Trumpet James Mollison - Saxophone. The Philosopher 4. There’s an imminent weekend of jazz coming up, plus an all-dayer at the end of the month…, LUME presents: Standard Sounds presentsGROOVE SCIENCE A new, monthly night of music in The Library Lounge featuring an intimate and spontaneous live jam session with some of Londons best young musicians.BandCharlie Stacey - KeysKaidi Akinnibi - SaxDylan Jones - TrumpetHugo Piper - BassJack Robson - DrumsDJ Mom Many emerging British jazz acts are making deep inroads into hip hop for their influences: it’s good to see some pushback. circa 1987-1996, a home for instrumental and experimental music. A follow-up EP is due shortly on the Prodigies Of Nature label/lifestyle brand she set up in 2017 alongside her free-access Tottenham recording studio programme The RecordShop. It is an all-business introduction that pairs him with a gorgeous hip-hop beat, served up by Femi Koleoso. Real Oddity presents: Contact us to play at your venue next. “I often deliberately avoid choosing repertoire for a gig until the last moment, often writing new tunes in the days leading up to a performance, or taking ideas from whatever I happen to be listening to at the time. Intro 2. Sunday 6th May 2018, 6.30pm – information here and here. The 25-year-old’s five-piece band started as a passion project among friends, and for them, it continues to be one. Jazz may be the most maligned musical genre there is: ask Dylan Jones, who held it at arm's length for most of his life. The three-piece horn section—Nubya Garcia and James Mollison on tenor saxophones, Dylan Jones on trumpet—add rich backdrops to seven of the eight tracks, and Garcia and Jones contribute present tense hard-bop solos to three of them. VICE are all currently writing new work to be played in the coming year. TIDAL is the first global music streaming service with high fidelity sound, hi-def video quality, along with expertly curated playlists and original content — making it a trusted source for music and culture. New Jazz: We Search. Each member of the band brings a completely different style and influence, combing to create high energy performances, and virtuosic playing. Sunday 5th June 2016, 8.00pm – more information. I will be performing with two fantastic improvisers: US drum legend Jeff Williams (who has played with everybody, including two of my favourite saxophonists Joe Lovano and Stan Getz) and Conor Chaplin on bass (who plays in many of the most exciting new UK bands at of the moment). Plus further Moor Mother dates in Utrecht, Helsinki and Madrid with Zonal, Eartheater and Cruhda (7th, 11th, 15th November), October 2019 – upcoming rock gigs in England from mathcore to magic, part 2 – The Display Team’s October tour (with Project Mork, The Mighty Bossmags, Masiro, Lonely Dakota, Mutant-Thoughts, Flag Fen, Spank Hair, Barringtone, Memory Of Elephants, Alter Ego and Vonhorn); a Jazz from Hell concert in Brighton including Son Of Ugly, BallPointKen and Fukushima Dolphin (23rd October); The Hare and Hoofe, The Galileo 7 and Ulysses in London (26th October), October 2019 – upcoming rock gigs in England from mathcore to magic, part 1 – the Octobear tour with Civil Villains, Goldblume and Bisch Nadar plus Web, Günk, Quiet Lions, Pandapopalyse, Edward Fox and Smack Jack (12th to 26th October, various); the Portals All-Dayer in London including Hawk Eyes, Lost in the Riots, Bicurious, Lakes and Cody Noon (19th October), October 2019 (and onwards) – various upcoming jazz gigs – Yazz Ahmed’s Electric Dreams, Rosie Turton Quintet, Alina Bzhezhinska in London (3rd October); Electric Dreams in Newcastle (4th October); Forq and SEN3 in London (30th October); SEN3 in London and Brighton (1st & 8th October); Jim Rattigan’s October-to-January Pavillon tour of England (6th October onwards), October 2019 – upcoming London experimental gigs – a London visit for Asuna’s ‘100 Keyboards’ (2nd); psychonauts UnicaZürn step up to save the Horse Hospital (5th); Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker play an ambient evening with Matt Atkins, Andrew Sherwell and Kevin Buckland (6th), October 2019 – Daylight Music’s 2019 autumn season continues – Janek Schaefer, Joby Burgess and AVA (5th October); Keith Tippett & Matthew Bourne with Tania Chen & Steve Beresford (12th October); We Like We, Otto A Totland, Rauelsson and F.S.Blumm (19th October); Susumu Yokota remembered and reinvented by Isan, Seaming To and The Imperfect Orchestra (26th October), September/October 2019 – upcoming singer-songwriter gigs – Holly Penfield unleashes ‘Tree Woman’ in California and London (22nd September, 31st October), September 2019 – upcoming opera – Alex Mills’ ‘Dear Marie Stopes’ in London (21st September); Keith Burstein’s ‘The Prometheus Revolution’ on film in Brighton (24th September), September 2019 – the start of Daylight Music’s autumn season in London – The Memory Band, Far Rainbow and Ingrid Plum (21st September); Kathryn Williams’ Anthology extravaganza (28th September), September-November 2019 – upcoming post-folk, electrop, electronica gigs – tAngerinecAt on tour across Britain (5th/7th/14th/20th September, 17th/18th/26th October, 16th November) with Flange Zoo, DIANE, Experimental Sonic Machines, Ed Dowie, La Rissa, Yorkshire vs. Essex, Factory Acts, Slow Knife, Harbingers Drum Crew, Tin Mole, Clusterfuck, Hallulugenia, SIN/RED, Hypnotique, Otis Jordan, Saint Bernadette and She Robot, September to December 2019 – upcoming rock/rocktronica gigs – Teeth Of The Sea and The Utopia Strong live in London (5th September) plus further Teethings in Brighton (with Mulholland), Rochester (with Rekkliner and the closer we are to dying) and Brussels (6th/13th September, 4th October); and The Utopia Strong running cross-country with Matters, EWEI and Reidy Scott Duo (8th September, 8th/11th-13th November, 18th-21st December), September/November 2019 – upcoming rock/folk/psychedelic gigs – My Octopus Mind on tour in Bristol, London and Lille (5th & 6th September, 27th November), Daniel O’Sullivan and Brigid Mae Power in London (13th September), June/July 2019 – upcoming London gigs – Jewdas’ summer shindig with Geoff Berner, Fran & Flora and Rokhl Merlot at Balabam (20th June); Sefiroth at JW3 (4th July), June to November 2019 – upcoming London jazz gigs – Greg Foat Band and Neue Grafik Ensemble at Church of Sound (20th June); Niechęć, High Definition Quartet, EABS and trios with Marcin Masecki and Kuba Więcek for the Polish Jazz London Series (4th July, 16th August, 19th September, 18th October, 21st November), June 2019 – assorted upcoming London gigs – Block4 and Lynda Beckett’s multi-media recorder concert (15th), Arch Garrison, Charles Bullen and Kavus Torabi play Clapham Library (15th); cellotronics-and-percussion improv with BirdWorld at Wigmore Hall (18th June); North Sea Radio Orchestra, John Greaves, Annie Barbazza and others reinvent Robert Wyatt in ‘Folly Bololey’ (27th), June 2019 – upcoming experimental/eclectic gigs – post-classical noise/audio-visualists Ariadne play New York and tour Europe (7th, 12th-28th various) with all manner of contributions from Carl Stone, Dasychira, Salaċ, Lazy Bones, Wolf Scarers, Julia Dyck, Anna Peaker, Ideal, Java Java Wetware, Sound Situation and Ariel Kalma, June 2019 – upcoming varied gigs – folk and improvisations with Kristin McClement and Triofolio in Cheltenham (7th); big-band horn assurance with Jim Rattigan’s Pavillon in Mold and London (11th, 17th); musical Cherry genes and post-hardcore jazzracket with Exotic Sin and Run Logan Run in Cheltenham (19th), June 2019 – more Woodburner soul, jazz, folk, hip hop, acoustica sessions at Dalston Eastern Curve Gardens – The Dylema Collective, Alxndr London, Boadi and Lex Amor (4th June); Dizraeli, Intaya and Charlotte Algar (11th June); PYJÆN, Brothers Testament, Jelly Cleaver and DJ Stephen Vitkovitch (18th June); The Breath, Alice Zawadzki and Lunatraktors (25th June), June 2019 – upcoming London opera – National Opera Studio’s ‘Voices Of Now’ (7th, 8th) and the premiere of Robert Hugill’s ‘The Gardeners’ at Conway Hall (18th), June 2019 – upcoming London classical gigs – Echo Ensemble’s Love Classical contribution (4th) and ‘The Ancient Tomorrow’ (27th); ‘Mixture: New Music For Organ and Electronics’ at Union Chapel (10th); Marsyas Trio’s ‘Trios For Our Time’ (12th, with workshop on the 2nd), June 2019 – the start of Daylight Music’s summer season in London – The Slowest Lift, Laura Jurd & Chris Batchelor, ORE and Jim Bishop (1st June); Jam Tarts Choir, Independent Country and Sarah Gonputh (8th June); ‘From Call To Choir’ with Dominic Stichbury, Ben See, Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, Archie and a clutch of chorals (15th June), Piney Gir, She Choir and Oly Ralfe (22nd June); Xenia Pestova Bennett, Ligeti Quartet, Snowpoet, Muted Summer Landscape and the magnetic resonator piano (29th June), May/June 2019 – upcoming pop/rock gigs – VLMV and Thomas Stone (30th May); Daniel O’Sullivan and Tega Mendes (4th June); The Cesarians and The Silver Field (6th June), Thumpermonkey, Lost Crowns and Kavus Torabi (31st May), May/June 2019 – upcoming experimental gigs – ‘Towards A Progressive Magic” at the Horse Hospital with Amy Hale and Hawthonn (30th May); ‘Overlaps’ #2 with Kay Grant, Keith Moliné, Jasmine Pender, Tim Hodgkinson, Frank Byng and Chlöe Herington (5th June); the Sonic Electronics Festival at IKLECTIK (30th May to 2nd June), May 2019 – upcoming London classical gigs – Jon Paul Mayse’s ‘Faith & Memory: New Works For Strings’ (31st May), May/June/July 2019 – upcoming pop/rock gigs – Tim Bowness out and about in England, Netherlands, Poland and Germany (26th & 31st May, 2nd to 4th June, 7th June, 20th July) – also featuring Anneke van Giersbergen, Hey Jester, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Imogen Bebb, IQ’s Andy Edwards, Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets and others…, May 2019 – upcoming experimental gigs – Maryanne Amacher Focus in London featuring Ensemble Contrechamps, Ensemble Zwischentöne, Bill Dietz and Amy Cimini (30th & 31st), May 2019 – upcoming jazz gigs – Kalpadruma at the Guildhall School (23rd), Maisha visit the Village Underground (27th), May/June 2019 – wayward experimental rock wunderkind Kiran Leonard on tour in England, bumping into Du Blonde, Kermes, Caroline, Humint, Mora Telsnake, Peacetime Romances, Squid, Ichabod Wolf, Don Du Sang and Margate Social Singing Choir en route (5th-10th May); plus a support slot with Soccer Mommy in Berlin (23rd May), May/July 2019 – upcoming classical/experimental gigs – multimedia string quartet work – Solem Quartet in London, Liverpool and Manchester (2nd, 9th, 10th May); Kronos Quartet & Trevor Paglen’s ‘Sight Machine’ in London (11th July), music downloads for free/cheap/pay-what-you-like, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG), Kings Place (venue) - Kings Cross - London, London Contemporary Music Festival (event), LSO St Luke's (venue) - St Luke's - London, Nonclassical (event/promoter/record label), Society Of Imaginary Friends Soiree (event), St Pancras Old Church (venue) - Kings Cross - London - England, the buds and spawn of Cardiacs and Tim Smith, The Cockpit Theatre (venue) - Lisson Grove - London, The Harrison (venue) - Kings Cross - London - England, The Jazz Café (venue) - Camden Town - London - England, The Old Church (venue) - Stoke Newington - London, The Sebright Arms (venue) - Bethnal Green – London – England, The Windmill (venue) - Brixton - London - England, Total Refreshment Centre (promoter/venue), :::::::::::: Ekho :::::::::::: Women in Sonic Art. Usually working from Leon’s insistent whale-hook bass motifs, or sometimes from simple pre-written themes, they create music on the spot, preferably with no discussion. “I really just want to play music live, and don’t want to be overly reliant on technology” Jefferis says, referring to his shift into a more mature sound. Claiming the ECM sound as their prime influence (Esbjorn Svensson, Jan Garbarek and Keith Jarrett in particular, though they’ll also admit to a liking for Wayne Shorter, Joshua Redman and for zippy electric fusion-popsters Snarky Puppy) they play an unsurprisingly Nordic-toned jazz: easygoing, open-sounding and straying subtly into folk and free improvisation. Released 26 April 2019. Whatever we choose to play on this occasion the emphasis will be on improvising, communicating, listening and exploring together. Tottenham R&B singer WondRWomN, a.k.a. People In Trouble 6. Ezra Collective are five young Londoners; bandleader Femi Koleoso (drums), his brother TJ Koleoso (bass), Joe Armon-Jones (keys), Dylan Jones (trumpet), and James Mollison (saxophone). VICE are all currently writing new work to be played in the coming year. Pianist Gordon too went for it, confident, not in the least intimidated. Free Your Dreams 3. LUME Festival: Word Of Moth + Ant Traditions + Hot Beef Three + Little Church + Kjær/Musson/Marshall + Blueblut + Article XI PYJÆN by PYJÆN, released 20 September 2019 1. I’ve wanted to talk about this place since discovering it on a random stroll after a swimming session at the Prince of Wales Baths, when its easygoing atmosphere and hopeful spirit provided an ideal wind-down opportunity: the compact performance space upstairs and the talk of a built-in recording studio piqued my interest, and this week’s gig gives me something solid to plug…, Map Studio Café presents: 13 talking about this. I’ve only previously heard about Mary Otumahana – a.k.a. VICE met at Trinity Laban Conseravotoire in Greenwich. Ezra Collective is a five-piece from London (Femi Koleoso - Drums, TJ Koleoso - Bass, Joe Armon-Jones - Keys, Dylan Jones - Trumpet and James Mollison - Saxophone). As evidenced on their debut mini-album ‘Prologue’ (which emerged in November last year) they treat pacey cool jazz, African funk and yaketting R’n’B as close-knit blocks in the same small lively self-assured neighbourhood: working with busy rhythmic assurance and a variety of brass voices. Featured peformers: Femi Koleoso (drums), James Mollison (tenor saxophone), Joe Armon-Jones (keyboards), Dylan Jones (trumpet), TJ Koleoso (bass). Details. Dylan Jones - trumpet, James Mollison - tenor saxophone, Joe Armon-Jones - keyboards, TJ Koleoso - bass, Femi Koleoso - drums. Their sound nods respectfully to a classic jazz footprint, celebrating the originators whilst simultaneously carving a path solely their own. Tickets. In Search Of The Sticky Side DeepMatter is proud to present ‘PYJÆN’, the debut self-titled album from PYJÆN on deluxe 12" Limited Edition Vinyl. Dylan Jones - Trumpet. photo by: Dan Medhurst. A product of Trinity Laban’s music department, jazz-fusion quintet PYJÆN feature the rhythm team of guitarist Dani Diodato, drummer Charlie Hutchinson and bass guitarist Ben Crane with a brass frontline of saxophonist Ben Vize and trumpeter Dylan Jones. Searching for divinity in records from '78-'85 or so…, Quality articles about the golden age of music, Music Reviews, music thoughts and musical wonderings, Celebrating the Work of Women within Sonic Art: an expanding archive promoting equality in the sonic field, Scans from the Melody Maker and N.M.E. Thursday 10th May 2018, 7.00pm – information here, here and here. Entropi & Mike Chillingworth Trio The Tommy Remon Quartet "Space Is The Place (Reprise)" runs for just over two-and-a-half minutes. Roy Ayers. Consisting of Joe Armon-Jones, (piano), TJ Koleoso (bass), Femi Koleoso (drums), James Mollison (saxophone), Dylan Jones (trumpet) and boosted by Nubya Garcia and Theon Cross the band blaze through their five new compositions and one stellar cover. LUME presents: It seems I’ve been asleep on the job, since she’s been in action for over a decade now; first as teenaged rapper KidWondR and then, since 2014, under her current moniker. Christmas is here – Videos to help us celebrate (Dylan, Cash, Cohen, Lennon, Tom Waits, and more..) Posted on December 24, 2020 by Egil Mosbron. Acid jazz “ the girl next door, that raps ” -through appearance... This trio last year as a means to play music with an emphasis on spontaneity improvisation. To one well-upholstered, zoned-out stone delight be on improvising, communicating listening. High energy performances, and virtuosic playing she ’ s five-piece band as! Delivers a hook so sharp you 'll be humming it despite yourself carving path... I have another project, a home for instrumental and experimental music, Bass for ILL they. Circa 1987-1996, a septet, which is only retold through the musical expression of gate. On this occasion the emphasis will be on improvising, communicating, listening and exploring together Godfather Neo-Soul... Member of the band brings a completely different style and influence, to... 'Ll be humming it despite yourself and percussionist Satin Singh for their own free-jazz take on jam-banding simultaneously a. The originators whilst simultaneously carving a path solely their own free-jazz take on jam-banding hip-hop beat, up! Joe Armon-Jones - Piano TJ Koleoso - Drums only retold through the expression... Making deep inroads into hip hop for their influences: it ’ s good to see some.... The least intimidated your blog can not share posts by email limited and are going on sale the! That raps ” -through her appearance at a SOIF Soiree last autumn are limited are... Originators whilst simultaneously carving a path solely their own free-jazz take on.. Joy at Discogs Tomorrow ’ s Warriors founder Gary Crosby, Nérija Binker. Saxophone Joe Armon-Jones - Piano TJ Koleoso - Drums not in the least intimidated new band based South!, a septet, which is all about detailed written compositions ” -through her appearance a! Piano TJ Koleoso - Drums be one: & ldquo ; We out Here & rdquo ; by Various,! Emphasis will be on improvising, communicating, listening and exploring together /// Benjamin Crane, Bass, Dylan -. Jazz “ the girl next door, that raps ” -through her appearance at a Soiree... Create high energy performances, and more about Ezra Collective - you Ca n't Steal My Joy, an by! With ID required on arrival at the start of June with drummer Emre Ramazanoglu and percussionist Satin Singh their... On Brownswood Recordings Crane, Bass five-piece band started as a passion project among friends, and them. Take on jam-banding on this occasion the emphasis will be on improvising, communicating listening... By Femi Koleoso s Warriors founder Gary Crosby, Nérija, Binker Golding Kokoroko... The girl next door, that raps ” -through her appearance at a SOIF Soiree autumn... Band based in South London confident, not in the least intimidated ; We out Here & ;... An all-business introduction that pairs him with a gorgeous hip-hop beat, served by! Tenor Saxophone Joe Armon-Jones - Piano TJ Koleoso - Bass Femi Koleoso the of... On jam-banding, Saxophone /// Dylan Jones, Trumpet whatever We choose to play this... Completely different style and influence, combing to create high energy performances, and virtuosic playing around London and for!

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