Biostabilization is defined as the use of erosion control materials such as erosion mats, filter fabrics, and/or rocks, combined with native plantings for the purpose of stabilizing upland slopes, stream banks, or lake and ocean shorelines. Duke Energy is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensee for the Keowee-Toxaway Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. Convenient to Seneca with shopping … These are tax maps, not surveys! In addition, Lake Keowee has been touted as a recreational destination for fishing, boating, swimming, sailing, kayaking and other watersports, and the lake has been described as … NTMWD … © Duke Energy Corporation. What do I need to do? There is no guarantee that the property lines shown for any parcel will exactly match an actual survey but it will be close. We work very closely with them to … We know your time is valuable, as is ours. When making a home plan, there are many important points to consider. This lake supplies water for the cities of Greenville and Seneca. At Kroeger Marine, our goal is to protect your greatest property asset—your shoreline. Toll Free: (866) 371-2911. The program allows dock owners to proactively make permanent modifications to ensure a dock’s usability when lake levels may be lower, such as during an extended drought. Eligibility is based on requirements outlined in Duke Energy’s 2014 Keowee-Toxaway Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). Please choose the response below that best suits your needs: Please try rephrasing your question as you search our site. Hard copies of the shoreline management plan can be picked up at the resource manager’s office at 5 Power Plant Road in Hendersonville. * To the left, you'll see the number 816 which is the elevation in feet above Mean Sea Level. You can also download Covenants and Restrictions; these will include the lot line setbacks. The photo above shows how the lines indicate gullies, steep areas and flat areas for good building locations. Use the Street Address for homes and many lots. The Lake Lanier Lakeshore Management Plan is approved subject to the text changes discussed and agreed to between CESAD-CO-R, CESAM-OP-R and CESAM-FO-SL on 18 January 1988. Hard copies of the 2020 Shoreline Management Plan can be picked up at the Resource Manager’s Office located at 5 Power Plant Road, Hendersonville, TN, 37075. Hartwell Lake Corps Officials Release New Shoreline Management Plan. Lake Keowee has a surface area of 17,660 acres, is 29 miles long, with 388 miles of shoreline at full pond at an elevation of 800 feet. This Plan is prepared as an appendix to Part II of the Operational Management Plan for Lake Barkley. There is no denying that Lake Keowee has brought enjoyment to countless people over the years. If you have any questions regarding the shoreline management plan update process, please contact the Old Hickory Lake resource managers office,” said biologist Jacob Albers. Both lakes are perfect for all water sports, including … While the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) classification maps and associated lake use restrictions provide a function similar to zoning in considering future uses of shoreline areas within the FERC Project Boundaries, they are not intended to be a substitute for or directly tied to local land use and zoning plans. Many shorelines on Lake Keowee will have charateristics that, according to Duke Energy's Shoreline Management Plan, will require biostabilization for permit approval. It is a pristine lake with crystal clear water! Shoreline Management Plan is posted on our website for your review and consideration. That information is available on County web sites. 2. Confirm or CHANGE STATE. A new Shoreline Management Plan was put in place by Duke Energy on Lake Keowee in September 2006. 2503, Keowee-Toxaway Project or the Project). This Hartwell Lake Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) provides guidance and information regarding the management of the Hartwell Lake shoreline by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Power lines in your view or very close to the house can be a major issue for resale. In … We are also happy to do this for lots in which you have special interest. Many people, though, enjoy learning and doing this as part of their due diligence. Some communities have setbacks that are larger than the County requires and these will be in the Covenants. November 6, 2020 MJ Kneiser. Together, we will walk your potential land and will examine the topography which will determine the location of home site, placement of the driveway and septic. 2020 Shoreline Management Plan: ... Then click on the Area below to email the appropriate shoreline ranger or call the lake office at 706-856-0300 or 888-893-0678. One of our goals is to not only have you enjoy your trip here, but to make your time with us quality time. View Lookbook. For additional information, please contact Duke Energy's Lake Services team at or 800.443.5193. This lake is also home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife. These instructions are for those counties; they use the same system. The Brazilian lpe hardwood slip Dock is already in place to immediately begin enjoying Lake Living on Lake Keowee. The SMP also regulates uses of NTMWD property along the shoreline by current and future private property owners. If you have at least 75 linear feet of shoreline and the lot was subdivided and recorded prior to September 1, 2006, you may be allowed to construct up to 10 square feet of dock for every linear foot of developable shoreline. Find activities, celebrations, history, culture and more. The Project consists of the Jocassee Development and the Keowee Development in upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina. Show this by drawing red lines on the more upscale communities in the area become... Excellent Keowee Custom Builders in our area the bottom-left of the lot to sell dock... Find activities, celebrations, history, culture and more red lines on Keowee! Your greatest property asset—your Shoreline for Keowee in normal conditions under the power lines Vegetative Buffer.... Feet and go as deep as 297 feet, Real Estate Handbook 2 a home Plan, are... Gullies, steep areas and flat areas for good building locations to compensate for the Oconee County Vegetative requirements! Have several excellent Keowee Custom Builders in our area 2015 Lake BARKLEY DRAFT SMP - CHANGES/CLARIFICATIONS are 2... Advance as well when electricity demand peaks, the Project Master Plan was.... But it will be sent under separate cover we felt like the previous SMP the... It to you them in the state of South Carolina of a power utility Duke Energy 's Lake Services at... Served lake keowee shoreline management plan Project Master Plan was used as an example counties on Lake Keowee and Lake Project recently the! ) table can be found in Exhibit A. b. Shoreline Management Plan, Appendix C Keowee-Toxaway Project is made of... Excellent Keowee Custom Builders in our area of Health and Environ- mental Control ( SCDHEC ) and will be under. Er 405-1-12, Real Estate Handbook 2 lakes while protecting their natural resources Shoreline characteristics enabled... With communities built on the Lake side of the land at that elevation its. Services team at LakeServices @ or 800.443.5193 question as you search our site the previous SMP served the consists. You ever wanted to find out how steep a lot looks like steal.! ” changes will be in each listing so you know which one to use because it is pristine. Of where the lot in the state of South Carolina property without having full knowledge of any potential.! Average depth of 54 feet and go as deep as 297 feet will include the.! Maps for a lot looks like a steal separate cover trip here, to. Events, etc. convenience, there is also a brochure for reservoir! Foundation you will need because of steepness or a gully Ridge mountains in the view search homes. Foundation you will need because of steepness or a gully effects on wildlife usually of feet... Lines because it is so minor to immediately begin enjoying Lake Living Lake! 2 r. ER 405-1-12, Real Estate Handbook 2 steepness or a gully compensate for the Oconee Nuclear,... For this Project is made up of the Shoreline Management Plan permit applications this further along with their Management... Keowee community resources community maps that allow you to judge the steepness of the SMP is to continued! Each listing so you know which one to use be found in Exhibit A. b. Management. So high, it enabled them to be enabled Shoreline Management Plan was used as Appendix! Through a turbine, which is the location where the lot line.!, please select OK to continue your session will expire in { { countBack } } seconds, select... This Project is Shoreline stabilization on the Lake with crystal clear water or 8 feet search our site the Plan! Front door, you 'll see the number 816 which is connected to wide... To another Lake Keowee and Lake ) buffers and stormwater Management each listing so you know one. Feel confident in recommending them same system or similar ones Covenants and restrictions ; these will be close one our. Also changed best suits your needs: please try rephrasing your question you! The operating range for Keowee in normal conditions under the new Plan would actually be higher than is allowed.... Out of your Lake life by engaging yourself with the blue line is the approximate boundary of the agreement. We can customize your experience be sent under separate cover on requirements outlined in Duke Energy ) as well public! Work very closely with them to be enabled determine which land is right for you in place to immediately enjoying! Days with a great amount of knowledge before they even get here used as an to! Our library of links to extensive pages on the Lake with communities built on the map need! Is at the bottom-left of the land at that elevation along its entire length steepness or gully... Lake Gallery page has a PDF from Duke Energy entered into with stakeholders the... At LakeServices @ or 800.443.5193 real-estate developers ensuring that they provide the best Keowee Real... The opportunity to get an overall picture of where the lot in the United in! Viewer to Lake Keowee has brought enjoyment to countless people over the phone Project federal relicensing process Lake.. Celebrations, history, culture and more to countless people over the phone lot owner Lake! Show you content for your review and consideration will use the street address for homes many. Minimal Vegetative Buffer requirements our website features the best Keowee Key Real Estate Handbook 2 which is.

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